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Within ENGIE Fab, the New Business factory structures its work around a core transversal team to screen new ideas and develop new business concepts. A series of new business projects organized in thematic programs that leverage the largest growth trends in “living-working-moving” spaces.

Innovative ideas & concepts, startups solutions, or projects in the ENGIE key Programs, are evaluated for scalability globally into full-fledged, viable, profitable businesses. These new businesses opportunities identified through ENGIE Innovation sourcing and the options created by ENGIE New Ventures that can be considered for an investment decision by the Group.The ENGIE New Business Factory mission is to identify promising projects in terms of market, value proposition and put them in a "business assessment" period before acceleration. When the business plan is validated the proposals are scaled up in a project mode.

Our first new business projects in Scalution

Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMs)

Investing on and operating a Distributed Energy Resources portfolio to optimize behind the meter and in front of the meter assets using ENGIE’s proprietary software solutions. 

Acces to energy & clean cooking solutions

Providing clean and affordable cooking solutions to people in emerging markets, focusing on small scale biogas and Smart LPG.

In addition, offering sanitation, SHSs, and additional products and services through micro financing and distribution networks, creating long term B2C relations and acquiring a long term customer base.

Blockchain and renewable energy traceability

TEO - The Energy Origin by ENGIE is an innovative solution developed by ENGIE to identify and certify to customers the origin of their renewable energy with blockchain technology. 

The TEO web platform allows customers to know in real time where his green energy comes from: hydro, wind, solar… 

Global Reach of our Scalutions

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