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Nature based solutions : Afforestation & Reforestation
Emerging Techs 21/08/2023

Nature based solutions : Afforestation & Reforestation

Among all nature based solutions, afforestation and reforestation have a big potential, depending on suitable areas for tree plantation, taking into account the albedo issue and competition with food production.

13% of CO2 mitigation options should come from Nature-Based Solutions to reach global net zero GHG emissions.

Wood has a role to play in helping to decarbonise the structural fabric of new and existing homes and the construction industry as a whole.

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Recently recognized by the IPCC and IEA as necessary to offset hard-to-abate emissions and eventually, to go beyond net-zero, Negative Emissions Technologies will play a main role but Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) even more. 13% of CO2 mitigation options should come from Nature-Based Solutions to reach global net zero GHG emissions.

Afforesation / Reforestation

Reforestation consists of land-use and management practices within forests, i.e. planting new or extending existing forests to increase the total inventory of carbon in this forest. There are two types of reforestation:
- Urban reforestation = tree planting in developed areas. The purpose depends on the city’s needs: modify the climate, improve air quality, provide more shady areas or enhance the appearance of the environment.
- Rural reforestation = Huge numbers of trees planted in areas that have suffered deforestation, places which were once forests, jungles or covered with semi-arid vegetation. 

Afforestation consists of planting trees in non-forest areas

Advantages and challenges

- Enhanced employment and local livelihoods
- Improved biodiversity.
- Improved renewable wood products provision.
- Soil carbon and nutrient cycling.
- Possibly less pressure on primary forest.

- Reversal of carbon removal through wildfire, disease, pests may occur.
- Reduced catchment water yield and lower groundwater level if species and biome are inappropriate.
- Inappropriate deployment at large scale can lead to competition for land with biodiversity conservation and food production.

Projects all around the world

Forestry experts develop new activities supported by financial actors to provide carbon removal solutions based on afforestation/reforestation projects.