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Erik Orsenna: “Innovation stands for new…”

Energy Communities

Expert in sustainable development, environment, agriculture and emerging economies, Erik Orsenna is the spokesman of the Urban Strategy Innovation Council, a think-tank launched in 2012 by GDF SUEZ. In this video interview, the writer gives us his definition of innovation.

Innovation is distinguished from invention by its process. Whereas invention implies rupture, “radically new”, innovation is part of a dynamic process, with a view to its implementation. For Erik Orsenna, behind innovation hide a concrete solution and results.

In this interview, Erik Orsenna evokes the end of an exhausted “ancient world”, in which innovation has been very slow. Today, innovation sis speeding up, it is an absolute necessity to the world economic development. Companies like GDF SUEZ have innovation rooted in their DNA. The French academician reminds us that SUEZ is a canal that radically upset the shape of continents.

Core value of the Group, innovation drives GDF SUEZ to further and better engage in energy transition. Innovation is key to anticipate market expectations and develop technologies and services to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Source: Andréa Morellet