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The Hydrogen Council wants to promote hydrogen as an enabler of the energy transition


Launched by 13 energy or mobility companies, the "Hydrogen Council" aims to foster the use of hydrogen as a mean to reach the energy transition.

The "Hydrogen Council" was launched on Tuesday, January 17, by 13 mobility and energy companies : ENGIE, of course, Air Liquide, Alstom, Anglo American, BMW Group, Daimler, Honda, Hyundai Motor, Kawasaki, Royal Dutch Shell, The Linde Group, Total and Toyota. Together these companies invest 1.4 billions Euros each year to accelerate the development and commercialization of the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors.

Hydrogen is a versatile, clean, and safe energy carrier that can be used as fuel for power or in industry as feedstock, and can be easily stored on large scale. Hydrogen can be produced from renewable electricity and produces zero emissions at point of use. It can be stored and transported in liquid or gaseous form and can be combusted or used in fuel cells to generate heat and electricity. This versatility confers to hydrogen a key enabling role to overcome the challenges of the energy transition.

“ENGIE is convinced that Hydrogen has a major role to play as an enabler of the deployment of increasingly sustainable and decentralized energy solutions. Producing green hydrogen via electrolysis and storing it for later use is an interesting option to store large amount of intermittent renewable power. This energy vector has many advantages: it does not emit CO2, it has the capacity to be used in many sectors such as industry, transport, energy (power and gas) and it can serve several types of clients with a wide range of products to choose from on the market, depending on the client’s need. Today, the launch of the Hydrogen Council is the testimony of our joint conviction that this new energy vector is key for the future” says Isabelle Kocher.

Source: Thomas Bardy

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