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Other innovations 01/10/2015

More than 300 ideas submitted on Innov@ENGIE!

Since being launched a little over year ago, the Innov@ENGIE internal platform has attracted more than 300 ideas. A good start for Stéphane Quéré, Innovation Director, who is now counting on the call for applications that will be launched a few days from now to encourage other employees to embark on the adventure of "intrapreneurship."

Fostering innovation in a group as large as ENGIE is not always easy. Although many initiatives already exist—in particular through calls for tenders or the Innovation Trophies, which have existed for twenty years – a way to allow all employees to demonstrate their innovative ideas was missing. The launch of the Innov@Engie platform met that expectation. "In one year, the platform has attracted more than 8,500 members who belong to 80 different communities" says Stéphane Quéré. "The platform’s goal is simple: either employees identify an interesting startup, or they directly suggest an idea or a solution. "

More than 300 ideas submitted

There is nothing easier than submitting an idea on the platform. Once she’s connected to the Internet (via computer, mobile or tablet), an employee can submit ideas for new products or activities for the Group in either writing or video. The figures speak for themselves: by the end of September, hundreds of startups had been identified and over 300 ideas submitted, "a number that keeps on growing!" says Stéphane Quéré. "The platform functions as a social network and subscriber publications lead to points that can be converted into gifts or donations for social projects." Once an idea is submitted, it goes through a process that leads to some ending up in incubation.

Call for applications

The goal is simple: to bring out new business ideas for the Group in the most promising niches. "Of the 17 projects started, 13 are still active and 3 are coming out of incubation and into commercial development," says Stéphane Quéré, who intends to promote intrapreneurship among ENGIE employees. "Working with the Human Resources Department, we are going to launch a call for internal candidates. This is to identify people who want to start an adventure in incubation and develop the new business ideas proposed by Group employees.”

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