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Smart buildings 01/04/2015

3D Laser Scanning at the cutting edge of modeling technology

3D Laser scanning promises to integrate the future into the present. This innovative solution for creating equipment models for industrial projects began in January 2015 as a partnership between Imag’Ing and Cofely Axima.

Imag’Ing and Cofely Axima first encountered each other in 2011 at ContaminExpo, an SME business fair in Paris. The partnership between the two companies led to the creation of the Soluxia brand in January 2015.

This new 3D scanner will let GDF SUEZ offer innovative solutions to its clients in the field of modeling. “Soluxia is a response to the need for rapid assessments and up-to-date system maps, which our customers highly value” says Yoann Sestier, Development Director for Cofely Axima’s Engineering Department.

Once set up on site, the 3D Laser Scanner makes a 360° image of its surroundings in a single take. It then generates a data set consisting of millions of points in clouds that trace the exact form of the industrial installation. The information collected is compatible with every CAD 3D program on the market. This new technology is especially useful for applications in restricted access sites. Unobtrusive and extremely precise, the laser also allows its operator to take site measurements while rearranging equipment and without interrupting it, which according to Yann Sestier is a true competitive advantage.

Cofely Axima continues to seek out innovative solutions and to create new partnerships. Augmented reality and immersive techniques for use in future industrial installations will continue to evolve as technology develops – today is just the beginning.

Cofely Axmia is already considering how to combine this technology with drones for the petrochemical and desalination industries in order to reduce the risks of physical harm for their employees.

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