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Smart buildings 07/12/2016

Ecova, with ENGIE at CES

At CES in January will be the energy and sustainability management company Ecova, which has been part of ENGIE since 2014. Mike Kaplan, Vice President of Product Marketing for Ecova, talked to us about their activities.

Hello Mike. Could you briefly present Ecova?

Ecova's mission is to architect the future of energy, carbon, water and waste through data, insight and action. We work with 900 commercial and industrial customers across 800,000 sites and 50 utilities to deliver fully managed, technology-optimized solutions. Over the past three years, Ecova has identified savings of more than $2.1 billion for our commercial and industrial clients and, in 2015, the company saved 21 terawatt-hours of energy for its utility clients.

How would you define innovation? Three key words?

Innovation is something new and different, but most importantly it delivers meaningful value.
Three key words? Impactful, influential... and enduring.

What will you be presenting at CES?

We will be presenting our Digital Engagement Solution, which enables utilities to

  • increase business customer satisfaction,
  • lower cost-to-serve
  • help customers make real energy improvements: the Customer Portal provides personalized energy usage analysis and recommendations, Marketing Campaigns target customers with energy-saving opportunities, and Marketplace connects commercial customers interested in energy efficiency projects with contractors who can implement those projects.

One of the innovative aspects of this product is the analytics powering it. Our technology can analyze how a building is using energy and how it can improve, in just minutes. Historically, getting this type of insight has required a manual and expensive on-site energy audit that takes weeks or months.

How do you hope to benefit from your presence at CES with ENGIE?

First of all, feedback from the attendees. Our products ultimately touch and are used by a wide range of business professionals, so it is insightful to get unfiltered feedback on our products from the public. And also, Retroficiency has been part of ENGIE for only one year, so it will be great to continue to meet colleagues.

What question would you like to be asked?

I would like to add that I find it remarkable how ENGIE is rapidly transforming itself, bringing together so many different start-ups and companies. Participating in an event like CES really highlights ENGIE’s commitment to this evolution. I'm really happy to be part of this!

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