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Smart buildings 05/12/2016

Serviz: Home Services on Demand

Among the companies with ENGIE at CES will be Serviz, an American company based in California. Their CEO, Zorik Gordon, was kind enough to answer our questions.

Hello Zorik. Could you briefly present Serviz?

Serviz is an on-demand company, the world's first online retailer of services. It's an idea that was born in my previous company, where the co-founders and I worked. We tried it out, enjoyed it, realised there was a market, and so started Serviz.

It works like this: at local level, we find and contact professional service providers – plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, painters, etc. – and negotiate fixed prices for standard operations. Currently, we can provide 17 or 18 different services in 7 different areas (including Chicago, LA, Seattle, and soon San Francisco). So, for almost any kind of household problem, customers have a single contact. They can make an appointment either online, with our app or by phone, and know in advance how much they are going to pay.

And we screen all the professionals we work with, which means we can guarantee the service. This is very reassuring for the customers, who no longer need to search for various service-providers, negotiate prices, and then deal individually with any problems. They do everything through the same channel.

How would you define innovation ? Three key words?

Hmmm... Disruption, courage and creativity.
Innovation is something that changes the status quo, moves things forward... and very often, makes the existing system obsolete. People still ride horses, but it's no longer the standard means of transport. Now, we get around in electric cars!

What will you be presenting at CES ?

We will mainly be presenting Serviz via our app, so that people can see the range of services we offer, how easy it is to make an appointment, and how reassuring the service is for the customer.

How do you hope to benefit from your presence at CES with ENGIE?

Being with ENGIE at CES should give us some great press exposure, and an opportunity to meet the technical community... maybe even some customers.

What question would you like to be asked?

I think I would just like to say that we are very excited to be part of the ENGIE community, and that it will be a great pleasure to be at CES. We are also looking forward to seeing all the other innovations at the show!

Find out more about Serviz at:


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