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Michelin with ENGIE at CES to promote a safer mobility

Sustainable mobility

Michelin will be at CES in January 2017 with a Chinese startup called SECOPE. We asked Philippe Barreaud, head of the Incubator Program Office for Asia why Michelin chose to come to CES with ENGIE.

Hi Philippe. We think we know everything about Michelin, but could you tell us more about Michelin in China ?

We are the Michelin incubator in China. Our mission is to deliver new profitable business models in areas that are adjacent to Michelin's core businesses. We incubate initiatives internally with Michelin teams and externally with startup teams, in partnership with HAX. HAX is an accelerator located in Shenzhen, China and San Francisco. We also invest in startups when their products and services synergize with our activities related to travel and connected mobility.

Your definition of innovation in 3 words

"WOW": Innovation should be different, new and surprising. It should be something unexpected, and it is even more fun when people see it coming from Michelin in areas of mobility where they were not necessarily expecting us.

Human centered: for us, the most important factor is people. In the end, innovation must deliver more well being for people.

Profitable: in order to last, an innovation must find its way to sustain itself as a business.

What will you exhibit at CES ?

We are introducing a startup (SECOPE) we are sponsoring and working with. They designed a service to make fleets safer by ensuring that all the drivers in the fleet drive with an alcohol level below the legal limit. Together with them, we are currently conducting proofs of concept with some of our fleet customers in China.

The service is of interest to fleets operating in various domains especially suitable for fleets transporting people or dangerous goods.

The startup delivers an innovative alcohol monitoring device which is small in size, pre heats in a few seconds and can be calibrated remotely over the cloud. A smartphone application can identify the users with face recognition technology. The platform is shared by the drivers and the management of the fleet so that alerts can be managed and replacement drivers assigned if a problem is detected.

This combination of hardware + software + service delivers a solution (unique at that level of price) which Michelin is proud to endorse as it is fully consistent with its mission to promote safer mobility for people and goods.

What do you expect of your presence at CES with ENGIE ?

We are communicating about what we are doing. We are proud to introduce a service which makes driving safer. Hopefully inspiring people to believe in this team and try the service.

The CES is also the opportunity for Michelin to highlight it’s innovation potential in mobility.

Which question would you have liked to be asked ?

How many accidents did you prevent today?

Source: Christine Leory

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