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ENGIE and Ledger will connect wind turbines and solar panels to Blockchain

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ENGIE and Ledger have signed an agreement to develop the first secured, autonomous and blockchain agnostic (*) hardware oracle for the renewable energy. The device will measure the data at the source of green energy production (such as wind turbines, solar panels or hydropower) and will record it securely into the blockchain to be used for decentralized applications.

As part of this partnership, Ledger will supply secure enclosures that ENGIE will install on wind turbines, solar panels and hydroelectric facilities already connected to the blockchain. From early 2019 these boxes will be responsible for recovering the original data of the renewable energy produced and send them automatically in the blockchain.

The traceability of energy is already possible with the "certificates of origin", but the Ledger case coupled to the TEO "The Energy Origin by ENGIE" offer will automate and secure the process to guarantee the authenticity of the production data. 'ENR to customers.

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