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Energy Giant Engie Buys EV Charging Leader EV-Box

Sustainable mobility

Engie’s acquisition of EV-Box is a sign that the French giant, which is in essence ~200 years old, intends to integrate the charging company into its move to remain a global energy leader. Remaining a global energy leader is a dramatic challenge for companies like Engie, given how quickly the sector is changing and how hard it is for large corporations to move in nimble and shape-shifting ways. But that’s a key to the acquisition.

As you probably read in recent weeks, I was one of the keynote speakers at EV-Box’s inaugural rEVolution summit, which took place yesterday in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I noticed ahead of time that the inspiring Engie exec Thierry Lepercq — Executive Vice President in charge of Research, Technology, and Innovation — was going to be one of the other speakers, but I did not anticipate the huge news that was to come. At the very end of the summit, EV-Box CEO Kristof Vereenooghe slow-walked us through the announcement, somewhat teasing the audience as he gradually unveiled that EV-Box had just become a part of Engie.

The story here is much bigger than it probably seems on the surface, and it’s something I plan to roll out in a series of articles in the coming weeks, months, and probably years. But below is a broad introduction.

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Source: Clean Technica

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