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​Apply to ENGIE's Call for projets on decentralized energy before January, 31st

Energy Communities

In September, 2015, ENGIE launched a Call for Projects in order to find companies developing or offering innovative business models to provide decentralized energy solutions to residential customers, such as decentralized energy generation, energy storage, electric vehicle charging...

ENGIE Marketing & Sales teams are working on the development of new decentralized generation offers to residential customers in Europe and are looking for start ups and mature companies who offer innovative business models and solutions for the residential market with potential to be built into offers which could be made commercially available to customers in the short term.

What are we looking for ?

Rather than specialist technology providers, we are seeking companies who mobilize and combine technology to provide innovative offers to residential customers. We are interested in solutions which can either be made commercially available in the short term or can be tested immediately and made commercially available within the next 2 years.

Through this call for projects, ENGIE hopes to detect companies for cooperation to develop future commercial offers.

Deadline for submission: January 31st, 2016.

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