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Data acquired by civilian drones: Redbird rewarded at the 2014 Innovation Awards of the city of Paris

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On December 2, 2014, the 13th edition of the City of Paris Innovation Awards (Grands Prix de l’Innovation de la Ville de Paris) -partnered by GDF SUEZ- rewarded Redbird, a pioneer and leader in analysing and processing aerial data acquired by drones.

GDF SUEZ joined forces with the Paris Region Lab incubator as partner of the City of Paris Innovation Awards that aim at supporting the creation of innovative companies operating in high-growth sectors, with less than 5 years of existence, and reward innovations that contribute to life improvement in the city and Paris’ economic fabric development; an objective in harmonious line with GDF SUEZ’ promises.

Redbird was selected as the winner of the “Innovative services to companies” category. The proprietary algorithms designed by their technical teams places this young French company, at the leading edge of the automation of data processing. Born in 2012, further to the DGAC (FAA equivalent) regulation authorizing commercial flights of drones, Redbird acquires then processes the data collected by these small UAVs.

Redbird addresses three major sectors: large network infrastructure such as railways, power lines or pipelines (Network Supervision), mine and quarry monitoring, construction and public works follow-up or infrastructure inspection (Geospatial) and, lastly, precision farming of vine and field crops (Agribusiness).

Redbird technologies,adapted to a complete fleet of last generation drones meet the safety, quality and precision requirements of companies. They also help limit human interventions in some potentially dangerous areas. Redbird achieved a leadership position in the processing of data extracted from these optimization operations.

Each winner of a City of Paris Innovation Award in any of the five categories – digital, design, health, eco-innovation and innovative services- is granted a €15,000.- cheque, as well as a place in an incubator or business nursery of the City of Paris.


Source: Hugo Whitemore

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