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DC Virtual One, the first serious game for Data Center technicians

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Take control of a Data Center! Designed like a “serious” or “smart” game, the DC Virtual One simulator was presented during the GDF SUEZ Innovation Day at EuraTechnologies in the city of Lille (France) on November 6, 2014. It’s objective: train Data center technicians and anticipate training needs.

“The game highlights strong and weak points, allowing the scheduling of dedicated training sessions”, explains Luis Martin in charge of sales and marketing of the DC Virtual One software at Cofely Services. This simulator, initiated in 2012 by the Institut des Métiers et des Formations (Trades and Training Institute), was developed by the Energy Services department of the GDF SUEZ Group to recreate the real environment of a data center.

Data centers are physical sites that gather the constitutive equipment of a company’s information system. Maintenance of DCs is highly strategic to companies. For instance, should the main power grid break down, highly qualified technicians must be able to analyze the situation and rapidly solve the problem to ensure high levels of quality and service.

By simulating a real installation in 3D as in a video game, DC Virtual One immerses the dedicated technicians into a universe filled with electronic devices, computers, storing systems and telecommunication equipment. The objective is to virtually recreate all the possible emergency situations (failures, alerts, etc.) in order to allow operators to better manage their stress and acquire automatic reflexes that will make them more efficient on site should such incidents actually occur. Hence the name of “serious game” given to these sophisticated software. Each gesture is recorded and every mistake analyzed to ensure that the necessary corrective actions are taken.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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