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​Deepki joins the Axeleo accelerator

Energy Communities

Founded in the fall of 2014 in Paris by Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet, Deepki is a technology startup positioned on the energy transition market.

With a focus on analyzing data and predicting consumption, Deepki wants to make life easier for building managers thanks to a software platform capable of identifying and verifying remote energy savings for entire building complexes.

The advantage of Deepki’s solutions is that they are simple and easy to set up and use. Deepki collects existing energy, technical and usage data from the buildings where it is applied and combines them with external data about the weather, for example, to provide clients with analysis and recommendations. Managing groups of buildings this way can lead to energy savings of up to 20%.

Deepki currently consists of a team of 15 people and is aiming for an initial turnover of 600K€. It is now joining Axeleo, the accelerator for FrenchTech digital startups working in the B2B market. Axeleo's mission is to help digital companies working in B2B, giving them the commercial, organizational and financial resources to develop strongly both in France and abroad.

"Joining Axeleo will allow us to accommodate the rapid growth we expect for ourselves and to expand quickly into the European market," said Vincent Bryant, founding partner of Deepki. "We have multiple challenges: recruiting talent, structuring our network of partners and conducting our first fundraising round! With Axeleo, our goal is to become the European leader in detecting and verifying energy savings in buildings."

Source: ENGIE

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