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Engie wins an award for its partnership with the startup Deepki

Energy Communities

For the 11th edition of the Trophies of the Observatory for Corporate and Innovative SME Relations, ENGIE won the Commercial Success Award for its cooperation with Deepki, a technology startup that detects energy savings in building complexes without metering or energy audits.

ENGIE and Deepki stood out from the competition thanks to their innovative partnership, which combines joint communications, research and the use of Deepki Ready solution with ENGIE clients. Their very successful 18-month partnership demonstrates how constructive and balanced synergies between large companies and startups can be harnessed to accelerate the energy transition.

Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions has become a priority challenge for the sector. Deepki, a young technology startup founded in September 2014, aims to improve the energy performance of building complexes using only preexisting data. To do so, Deepki has developed an SaaS application solution, Deepki Ready, to detect and verify savings from large complexes of of buildings without installing meters or performing energy audit. The energy savings detected by Deepki, guaranteed to exceed 10% of the bill, allow customers to permanently monitor their consumption and provides them decision-making tools for improving their energy efficiency. The world of data is gradually spreading to every sector of the economy. Real estate is also being affected by this transformation towards better measurements of consumption (in electricity, natural gas, etc.). Moreover, the residential/tertiary sectors, which account for 17.5% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in France [1], is the second largest source of GHG emissions after transportation.

Of the 12 nominees, two other Group projects were selected: Cofely Services with the startup Echo Systems (a software development business for the major real estate companies) and ENGIE with Blu.e (the design and development of gas analyzers).

Source: ENGIE

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