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Fenix Fumba Cookstove: Making Cooking in Africa Clean And Affordable

Energy Communities

The simple act of preparing a meal is both essential to our daily lives and a central challenge in the energy transition. This is especially true in Africa, where a whopping 80% of black carbon emissions — the second biggest contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide — comes from household cooking. ENGIE subsidiary Fenix International has backed a startup that is tackling this problem head-on with an low carbon and affordable new cookstove that could help feed millions of families still using traditional fires. 

Pay-As-You-Go LPG 

Fenix International’s Fumba cookstove, set to officially launch in 2020, is a feat of environmentally and economically friendly engineering. The stove is not only powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), but runs on a pay-as-you-go system specifically designed for low-income, off-the-grid families.. 

Proof of Concept

During an initial pilot program, some 700 families have successfully integrated the Fumba cookstove into their daily cooking routines.

Home Delivery

Going forward, Fenix Fumba will deliver a cookstove and canister straight to the customer’s door, who will use mobile money to pay for only the amount of LPG they consume each day instead of the full gas cylinder.

Open Fire, Off-the-Grid 

For many who live off the energy grid open-fire cooking is their only option to prepare food. Nearly half of the world’s population use energy from charcoal, kerosene, or biomass to cook.

These dirty energy sources have serious consequences: According to the World Health Organization, this indoor pollution causes four million deaths every year, especially harming women and children by carbon black emissions

All in for Africa

Fenix Fumba decided to begin the project in sub-Saharan Africa, an area particularly in need of investment in clean cooking and green energy. Many believe the region is poised to become an economic powerhouse, but only if it can overcome difficulties in accessing both electricity and inexpensive, green kitchen appliances. Knowing what a difference a top-up, LPG cookstove could make in this area of the world, Fenix Fumba will be releasing the product first in Uganda before making its way through other countries in southern Africa. It is a solution designed to be scaled to numerous other off-grid communities around the globe.  

ENGIE Ecosystem for acces to energy and clean cooking

ENGIE acquired Fenix International, in 2018, eager to invest in bringing low-cost, clean energy to the areas of the world that need it most. Fenix has installed over 700,000 Solar Home Systems in six countries. As a global leader in the transition to renewable, digital energy, ENGIE aims to join forces with innovators around the world to accelerate a shared vision of perpetuating ecologically and socially sustainable business. Fenix International’s Fumba project has been integrated into ENGIE Fab (New Business factory), the Group’s innovation hub for the development of socially and environmentally sustainable business initiatives.

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