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The Glow Group: growing renewable energy business locally, in Thaïland and globally in ASEAN

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By implementing renewable and innovative energy solutions in Thaïland, the Glow Group actively contributes to enhancing energy connectivity and market integration in ASEAN to achieve energy security, accessibility, affordability and sustainable energy for all in the region. The Glow Group, presented during the Innovation Week by Narongchai Visutrachai, working as a Senior Vice President-Government & Public Affairs.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what your role within the Glow Group is?

Narongchai Visutrachai: I have been working with the Glow Group for almost 20 years and working as a Senior Vice President-Government & Public Affairs for 8 years. My main responsibility is to supervise four different departments: IPP & SPP Contract Management Department, Permitting Department, CSR & Public Affairs Department and Corporate Communication Department. In addition to that, I represent the Company in the Association of Private Power Producer (APPP). I am also currently the Chairman of APPP and, also, the Chairman of Private Power Producer Group under the Federation of Thai Industries.

What gave rise to Glow’s current innovation projects?

Narongchai Visutrachai: Today’s world changes rapidly and fostering innovation is vital for our company. Innovation could be the answer to our future development. It will help us face an ever-changing world, fulfill our customers’ needs and respond to their new expectations. Innovation can also help Glow use resources more efficiently and responsibly, resulting in cost saving and better time efficiency. Therefore, I am glad that the Group -both at ENGIE and Glow level- supports innovation as one of the tools for our future development.

What can you please tell us about the ASEAN Power Grid?

Narongchai Visutrachai: the ASEAN Grid consists in interconnection projects for energy efficiency and security of power supply in South East Asian countries. It is the Energy cooperation in ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), an organization composed of 10 countries. The main purpose of the ASEAN Grid is to enhance power exchange among member countries in order to reduce power generation investment. It can also relieve the pressure induced by the development of new power plants in each different countries and increase the flexibility to exploit energy resources where and when they are most needed. It will also help reduce the overall tariff through cost saving and, more broadly, open the power market throughout the region, not only in Thaïland. In addition, it will create cooperation among member countries, especially with the Government policy to open up the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) by the end of this year.

Which innovations will be the most remarkable ones to appear over the next three years?

Narongchai Visutrachai: Superconducting fault current limiters (SCFCL). I think this project is one of many important projects currently undertaken by Glow. We expect that the outcome of the implementation of the fault current protection provided by SCFCLs will enable Glow to increase generation and supply more and higher quality power to their customers. This type of project is the first in Thailand and these systems will support to more flexibility and utilize the capacity efficiently from our generation facilities. It will definitely help addressing growing energy demand by offering a robust approach to reduce or limit fault currents while minimizing voltage dips on our distribution and transmission networks. This project would benefit both our customers (increased reliability) and Glow (flexibility and efficiency).

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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