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​INEVAL, winner of the call for projects for mini-biogas plants

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Last June, ENGIE INEO launched a call for projects alongside the Biogas Production Department at ENGIE and in partnership with Biogaz Vallée®, France’s biogas production cluster, to bring out new innovative solutions for the design of mini-biogas plants.

Demand for this kind of smaller unit is large and growing in both the agricultural and organic waste sectors.

Small biogas plants have to meet certain specific requirements. As noted by Sophie Decremps, Development Officer at Engie INEO, "A small biogas plant doesn’t just involve a change of scale. Systems that work well in large units will not necessarily be suitable for small ones. "

The main issues for small biogas plants are ensuring reliability, robustness, ease of use and construction and operation costs that are adapted to reduced volumes.

The call for projects launched in June was deliberately broad in order to encourage varied applications and allow new ideas and innovative projects to rise to the top. The applications showed a wide range of levels of innovation and maturity.

The winner was chosen after the selection committee completed its review of each submission. INEVAL is a company that specializes in the design of innovative solutions for biomass processing and recovery. The project they entered is named ECO digester and is focused on processing and recovering organic waste from catering.

ENGIE and in particular its subsidiary ENGIE INEO in the Midi Pyrénées Languedoc Roussillon region chose to support INEVAL in developing the ECO digester.

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