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Solarimo, a start-up created by ENGIE employees, builds its first photovoltaic installation

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Solarimo is a startup created by two ENGIE employees thanks to the Group's intrapreneurship process. Malte Künzer and Daniel Fürstenwerth,  two ENGIE's employees in Germany, came up with the idea of offering real estate owners a turnkey installation of photovoltaic panels and managing everything from construction to full operation. including energy sales to the network as well as to tenants.

Solarimo allows property owners to invest in green energy so that their tenants can benefit from it through a simple offer:

  • the owner invests in a photovoltaic installation on his own roof. This facility is built and operated by Solarimo who pays a fee to the owner, providing him with an attractive return on investment.
  • thanks to this project, tenants benefit from local green energy at low prices, thus avoiding network costs.

Last September, the first Solarimo project has been signed with Montis Real Estate, the owner of a commercial building for rental offices in Leipzig, Germany and the construction started in December. 450 PV panels (121.5 kWp) are being installed for a delivery date and connection to the grid in February 2018. 
This initiative will enable 600 people working in the building to benefit from green electricity.

Solarimo will earn money from a government-backed PPA with the national grid and from the power sales to the tenants in the building.

The concept started in Germany, thanks to a specific disposition of the German energy law, which allows the “collective self-consumption”. This means collective buildings can produce their own energy, consume what they need and sell the rest to the market through the grid. In some other countries, this is still not possible: only individuals can do that in their own house. This particularity could be extended to all European Union, since collective self- consumption is encouraged in the European Winter Package of 2016.

Solarimo is on track for further developments and a great future!

Contact: Ann Gossens,

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