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“We must think of regions as territorial, innovation and growth ecosystems”, Pierre Nougué ECOSYS

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Supporting the growth of outstanding, eco-­innovative startups, such is the mission of the CEO of ECOSYS, Pierre Nougué, who is also the Head of the Cleantech Open France international network, since 2011. His original approach as a creator of innovation and growth ecosystems provides him with a powerful insight about the 2015 trends.

“In 2015, the development of eco-­innovative solutions will gain significant momentum”, explained Pierre Nougue, met at the Innovation Morning held by GDF SUEZ at the Village, in Paris. Eco-­neighborhood, eco-­building, waste management, mobility but also water and air quality, the entrepreneur supports green-­innovation startups in France and abroad.

“In France, territorial reorganization implies deep mutations. By moving from 22 to 13 regions, the way we design public, parapublic but also private spaces, needs to be reconsidered”, he states.

The notion of territorial, innovation and growth ecosystems makes sense. To meet the challenges of this restructuring plan, Pierre Nougue explains that cities are, step by step, getting organized to form “Urban-­technology” poles. New cities are now designed as ecosystems that must “do better, with less wastes and more intelligence.” By promoting a global and smart vision of these new eco-territories, the actors of eco-­innovation and information technology provide the keys to achieving fast and sustainable growth.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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