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Green mobility 02/05/2018

Obwstreetstyle, a smart parking solution for the Ile des Machines in Nantes

The winner of a call for projects launched by ENGIE and Nantes Métropole, OBW Street Style is an Angers-based company specializing in innovative electric mobility that also offers a smart parking solution that will be tested on the Ile des Machines in Nantes in 2019. This is why the company was invited to participate in Viva Technology at the ENGIE Lab.André Daidj, its president, talked to us about the company and its projects.

Our Company was created after one of us had a life accident and needed to develop solutions to make new modes of transportation accessible to everybody. Our main areas of focus are electric vehicles, accessibility for persons with reduced mobility, and services related to green mobility.

A slogan that defines you?

"Optimum Better World" = our initials, OBW STREET STYLE.

 What are you going to present at Vivatech?

We will be presenting the solution that won the call for projects which involves smart parking for new modes of transportation, and which has two main features that address the major issues faced by users:

  • Recharging batteries
  • An on-site concierge, which helps prevent vandalism and makes storage space available.

What do you expect to get from participating in Viva Technology with ENGIE?

Vivatech is an international showcase that will help us develop our solution. We want to contribute to resolving the issues that city-regions face and we hope to position our brand in the mobility space throughout France.

We are currently launching a collaborative project with the city of Segré to create employment for people with disabilities and those without, and we believe that Vivatech is the right place to get more visibility and meet decision-makers.

For you the future will be ...

The future will be international, collaborative and mobile!

The call for projects we won is part of the European mySMARTLife project. The project, which will wrap up in 2020, involves 28 different partners and 7 countries who are working together to make smart and inclusive cities a reality. Nantes, Helsinki and Hamburg are the flagship cities of this project.

Read more about OBWStreetStyle

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