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Green mobility 28/11/2016

When disabilities stimulate innovation

ENGIE is a partner in the call for projects on "Startups & Disabilities" being launched by the CCI of Morbihan and KERPAPE, an endowment fund. With major prize money involved (€60K), this call for projects will allow four winning projects to benefit from substantial amounts of coaching and incubation.

Why run a call for projects on "Startups and Disabilities"?

Innovation and new technologies are major sources of solutions for people with people with disabilities and those who are losing their ability to function independently. This call for projects is intended to encourage the development of ideas, projects and creations that help people compensate for their disability or loss of independence.

What is this call for projects about?

The solutions we are looking for must be innovative and need to be related to one of the following areas:

  • Connected objects and innovative home automation tools: the project must simplify or make social life easier for people with disabilities (at home, work, or during leisure) by using connected objects and innovative home comfort solutions.
  • Mobility: projects designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to get around (driving, compensating for disabilities in new ways, travel aids).
  • Digital: projects should promote access to digital technologies (smartphones, tablets, PCs) and communication devices (e.g. voice recognition and command). They should also help disabled people socially and professionally through the leveling effect of digital technology, reducing the digital divide in the process.

How can I participate in this call for projects?

Projects must be submitted by December 31st, 2016 at:

The selection committee will assess applications at the beginning of January. 10 projects will be shortlisted and invited to pitch their project to the committee on January 17th. The committee will then choose 4 overall winners.

Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on February 2nd, 2017.

Why is ENGIE sponsoring this call for projects?

Clarisse Morvan, ENGIE’s Deputy Regional Director for Brittany and local head of CSR and Innovation, says that ENGIE's partnership with this initiative goes without saying.

First of all, because it has to do with innovation. Thanks to their agility and creativity, startups will develop the solutions that guide us into the future.

People rarely associate startups and disabilities, but in fact such companies have a lot to bring to the table for people with disabilities. Innovation is truly a way of finding new ways to "live better".

Also, people with disabilities are often require to be highly innovative when faced with problems. They are able to understand what they lack, what they need, and show great ingenuity in getting around the obstacles they encounter.

There are therefore parallels to be drawn between the agility needed to succeed as a startup and the ingenuity people with disabilities have to develop to find solutions to everyday issues.

Find out more about this call for proposals and submit your application.


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