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Green mobility 18/02/2016

​When future young farmers talk of renewable energy with Engie

For the 6th year in a row, Crédit Mutuel is hosting a video competition in partnership with ENGIE called "Cultures Agri" for students in agricultural training, from middle school through higher education.The theme chosen for this year was "The energy of our local area". Students had to make minute-and-a-half long videos, alone or in groups. More than 115 classrooms have signed up, having uploaded over 280 videos on the site.

Online voters made an initial selection of the 10 best groups.

After that, a panel including farmers chosen by Crédit Mutuel, competition sponsors and other representatives from the field of agricultural education chose 5 finalists, who will be rewarded by prizes worth €10,000 (including €5,000 to the winning group) by Crédit Mutuel.

ENGIE invited the top three groups to Paris, where they will receive their awards on March 2nd at the International Agriculture Show.
The three finalists are from André Arquier agricultural high school in the Tarn (81), the Agricultural High School of Obernai (67) and the Pouillé campus (49). Prizes will be awarded during a ceremony with Xavier Passemard, CEO of ENGIE Biogas, who we asked about what interested him in the competition.

"First of all, this is an opportunity for ENGIE to support Crédit Mutuel in its efforts to develop renewable energy, and methane production has real potential in this area. It is also an excellent opportunity to reach out to young people in agricultural training and to educate these future farmers about the challenges of the energy transition."

You were part of the selection committee, which led you to watch a hundred videos. What did you learn?

"I noted that the teams were really committed to their videos. They often showed very high levels of technical skill, and some were quite successful in terms of originality and creativity. There were many ways to interpret the theme of energy: while most of the videos treated energy as a resource or efficiency issue, others, for example, chose to portray a young woman farmer who herself demonstrated remarkable energy!

In any case, there’s a lot to be said for the way the students approached the subject.
For ENGIE this is a way to tie our image to agriculture and to show how we can help support it while developing new sources of sustainable energy
. "

Source: Christine Leroy

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