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Electro-Active at CES 2019 with NREL and ENGIE


Electro-Active Technologies is a US company specialized in the integration of biology, electrochemistry and engineering. Electro-Active is creating sustainable pathways for clean energy production and agricultural product generation. 

Electro-Active proposes three sets of solutions:

  • Renewable hydrogen from organic waste (reduce waste, produce clean energy and reduce GHG emissions).
  • Distributed and scalable production system to adapt to low to high waste volumes.
  • Soil co-products for sustainable agriculture enabling a circular food value chain.

Key Figures

  • Potential to generate 26 million metric tons of hydrogen from food waste worldwide.
  • Impact on GHG emissions reduction by > 1 Gton/year CO2 eq.
  • Microbial Electrolysis technology backed by 4 patents.
  • Offshoot from 10+ years of R&D at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • 2-X electrical efficiency for hydrogen production compared to water electrolysis.


  • November 2018: Electro-Active Technologies invited to participate at CES in collaboration with ENGIE and NREL.
  • September 2018: Electro-Active invited to NREL Innovation showcase.
  • August 2018: Electro-Active licenses two patents from UT-Battelle.
  • July 2018: Electro-Active Technologies newest member of “Energy Mentor Network”.
  • June 2018: Energy I-Corps program participation.

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