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New energies 07/11/2018

Fenix, changing people's lives through clean energy

Fenix International is a next-generation energy company with a team of over 700 employees in Uganda, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire, China and Silicon Valley. Fenix designs, manufactures, distributes and services pay-go solar systems with inclusive financing for off-grid customers across Africa.They will be on ENGIE's Lab at CES 2019 and Jit Bhattacharya, their CTO tells us more!

Fenix's flagship product is an expandable, pay-go solar home system providing lighting, phone charging, radio and TV, financed through affordable installments starting from $0.15 per day. 

To date, Fenix has delivered clean energy to over 300,000 households, impacting over 1,500,000 people. Using our rich datasets and lockout technology, we create a unique credit score for each customer and finance other life-changing products and services, such as energy upgrades, clean cooking solutions, financial products and more. 

Tell us about your story with ENGIE

Fenix was acquired by ENGIE in 2018 to further ENGIE’s expansion into decentralised, digitised, and decarbonized energy across Africa. Fenix leverages ENGIE’s global energy leadership, deep industry expertise, 50+ years of experience in Africa, strong supply chain and efficient capital to accelerate growth and energy access. Alongside Fenix, ENGIE can also provide centralized, mini-grid, and energy efficiency services to partners and governments in the markets where we work.

What does it mean for you to participate to the CES?

CES is the greatest exhibition of technology and innovation in the world. Yet while the headlines go to technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or self-driving cars, those technologies are meaningless to the billions of people around the world who continue to live without access to modern energy in their own homes. We are proud to bring to CES an example of how technology can bring inclusive energy and digital financial services to predominately off-grid customers who for decades have been considered economically inaccessible.

What will you showcase at CES and why this?

Fenix will be showcasing our latest lineup of pay-go off-grid energy systems and appliances, along with photos and videos of the impact our products create for our customers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Fenix’s latest solar home system is the most affordable off-grid energy solution for low-income households in sub-Saharan Africa. The plug and play system, containing a lithium-ion battery, photovoltaic solar panel, LED lights and a mixture of accessories is designed to provide core lighting and power needs so families and small businesses can stop using harmful or inefficient alternatives such as kerosene or candles. With integrated lock-out technology this off-grid energy system can be financed to low-income households for as little as $0.15 per day utilising Mobile Money, one of Africa’s fastest growing innovations.

The power system is GSM connected, enabling Fenix to monitor performance, control access, and provide customers with account updates through an accessible user interface. Once the customer has paid off the full loan amount over 24 to 30 months, they will own their power system and it will unlock permanently. More importantly, with each payment a customer makes, Fenix builds a unique energy credit score, which customers can then leverage to expand their solar home system, purchase larger, more productive appliances, or other life-changing products such as modern cooking 

What would be the magic meeting for you at CES?

A magical meeting for us at CES would be with a major technology company (Facebook, Google, Huawei, or Samsung) who might be interested in leveraging Fenix’s platform and unique customer understanding to bring new, life-changing products and services to our customer base across Africa.

How do you imagine access to energy in Africa by 2030?

Together, ENGIE and Fenix will bring life-changing energy coupled with inclusive financial services to tens of millions of off-grid customers and will make universal access to modern energy a reality. 

By 2030, millions more African households will live in homes powered by the sun, with clean, reliable energy and smart appliances transforming their daily lives. Access to energy will be only the first step: customers will use their next-generation credit scores to access additional products and services to help their families and businesses thrive. 

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