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New energies 02/06/2017

HySiLabs, the fuel of the future that comes from the South

ENGIE has invited HySiLabs, a young startup from Provence, to exhibit at our Lab Energy at Viva Technology from June 15th to 17th. Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova, the CEO of HySiLabs, answered our questions and told us all about the company he created in 2015 in Aix-en-Provence with Vincent Lôme.

Hello Pierre-Emmanuel, could you please give us a short introduction to your company?

HySiLabs has developed a safe, stable hydrogen-based liquid vector that works at ambient temperature and pressure levels.
This technological breakthrough in energy takes advantage of hydrogen’s attributes while overcoming the problems related to storing and transporting it that have caused issues in the past. This unprecedented liquid state allows us to transport it using the same logistics equipment as for conventional fuels. Since it produces this liquid using renewable energies, our "Power-to-Liquid" solution helps our clients roll out more environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels.

In what ways is your project innovative?

Hydrogen is an energy storage and transport system of the future
. Up to now, development in the sector has been limited by technology that is inadequate for these two purposes and by the absence of infrastructure for mainstream use.

HySiLabs' innovative Power-to-Liquid solution helps accelerate the use of hydrogen technologies by simplifying the supply chain. Our breakthrough technology makes it feasible to rapidly implement these solutions worldwide.

What are you going to show at Vivatech?

We will be showcasing our technology through a video, which will help the audience understand the value of our technology and how it works. A prototype hydrogen-generating unit for smaller stationary equipment will also be presented to demonstrate how simple of our solution is.

What do you expect to get from being at Vivatech with ENGIE?

Participating in Viva Technology with ENGIE will help HySiLabs build relationships with energy players and meet potential financial and technology partners. The visibility our solution will get at the show from being with ENGIE will also allow us to attract and learn about manufacturers and end users of the technology.

What question would you have liked me to ask? And what would you have said ?

We would like to talk about our long-term vision! We’ve currently got a young, dynamic team working to bring this innovative technology to market. Our longer-term vision is to strengthen the team and leverage the expertise of a major company like ENGIE to quickly and efficiently scale up the solution to a mass market.

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