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Other innovations 16/12/2016

ENGIE UK at Venturefest 2016

Venturefest is a great initiative to bring together like minded businesses and entrepreneurs in local spaces for mutual benefit. ENGIE UK attended these events throughout 2016 to create brand awareness, find the latest innovations and advertise our UK Call for Projects.

What is Venturefest?

The Venturefest Network brings together businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the UK and occasionally the globe to discuss the most innovative ideas and solutions relevant to the current markets. It draws together innovation eco-systems through local events, working closely with national partners including the Knowledge Transfer Network and Innovate UK to strengthen connectivity between innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.

Why is ENGIE UK at Venturefest?

ENGIE UK at VenturefestVenturefest is a platform for Engie to truly show how we are "by people for people". By attending these events we are able to promote our culture of innovation and development which is crucial to our business. Venturefests show the relevant crowds that we are current, we are aware of the latest products and services around us, both existing and growing, and that we are the best option for companies with great innovations to approach as no corporation has an innovation programme like ours.

The benefits for ENGIE

Engie Innovation is able to find new businesses while they are still actively looking for a route to the commercial market and help to elevate them either through investment or setting up a supplier agreement. This allows ENGIE UK to develop good relationships with those innovators, as we do not have a set approach; it is tailored to each company to ensure it is mutually beneficial. If we like what they say and we think it could add value to our offering we will start communication straight away and hopefully invite them in to pitch.

On top of this, we are given the opportunity to create brand awareness on a larger scale. James Hall, Programme Director, Cities of Tomorrow, Decentralised Solutions for Cities and Territories, was invited as a keynote speaker at the Newcastle Venturefest, to spread the word about ENGIE, our energy transition strategy and our focus on Cities of Tomorrow.

What happens next?

After the event we are able to filter the companies, businesses and entrepreneurs of interest, who have either exchanged business cards with us or they have contacted us directly at after being directed to Engie's Open-Innov site to explain how they would be of benefit to Engie. These are then followed up by our robust and dedicated innovation and development team to see how we can progress using our carefully planned external innovation process.

"Venturefest is a real opportunity to engage with start-ups, find out about some of their exciting innovations and identify the ones that we can work with to really make a difference to ENGIE"
- Caroline Hopkins, Development and Innovation Director, ENGIE

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