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AIREX: Smart Ventilation Control

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AirEx is an intelligent ventilation control that measures temperature, humidity and air quality in order to regulate ventilation. We talked to Agnes Czako, co-founder and commercial lead of the London-based company, which will be with ENGIE at Vivatech 2018.

Q: Hello Agnes. Can you briefly present the company?

AirEx was born in 2016, following the insights gained from 30,000 energy assessments in social housing, led by our core team. We realised that in general, air vents were either permanently open - which changes the air but causes draughts and wastes energy - or permanently closed, which results in problems of condensation, mould and poor air. The intelligent solution is to monitor air flow and quality, temperature and humidity, and open or close the vent as appropriate. That is exactly what AirEx does.

Q: And what are the particularly innovative aspects of your product? 

It uses unique, cloud-based, self-learning algorithms to monitor the various parameters in real time and carry out predictive analytics. Apart from piloting the operation of the unit, the data supplied allows not only the detection and correction of problems such as constant overheating, but also – and especially - preventive maintenance.

Furthermore AirEx allows a 10-15% saving on heating costs, which means that the unit can pay for itself in two years or less. And it is not generally even necessary to enter the building for installation, since mains power is not required: the battery provides 5 or 6 years autonomy.

Q: What is your story with ENGIE so far?

In June 2017 we exhibited and pitched AirEx at the Engie Innovation Week in London. A few months later we began preparing a pilot trial funded by ENGIE, on social housing managed by their clients.

Q: What will you be presenting at Vivatech?

We hope to present a mock-up wall (if we can get it on the train!) with the unit installed, allowing visitors to appreciate the unit's aesthetic qualities and simplicity of installation; along with a tablet displaying the data available.

Q: Why are you participating in Vivatech with ENGIE?

We will of course be interested in meeting investors and potential customers, particularly those involved in facilities management for social housing, which is our main immediate target; but also supply chain partners, and international contacts in general: the market is enormous!

Q: For you, the future means... ?

...addressing two burning challenges: fuel poverty and climate change.

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Source: Martyn Crossland

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