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Other innovations 07/06/2016

And the winners of the 2016 Innovation Trophies are...

As part of the ENGIE Innovation Week, the Group Innovation Trophies were awarded on June, 7th. This annual competition rewards for 30 years employees who develop innovations and contribute to the transformation of the Group. Discover the winners and learn more about the best employee projects launched in 2016.

The 2016 Innovation Trophies edition recorded the highest level of contribution ever with 580 applications submitted by 2,500 employees from 62 countries. The Innovation Trophies have been the largest internal ENGIE event since 30 years aiming at rewarding innovative employees. A 20 members Grand Jury awarded 14 winners (seven Grand Prizes and seven Special Prizes) in six categories. The 15th Prize, the Employee Prize, was the subject of an internal poll in which 2,546 votes were cast.

Specific features of the 2016 edition

The 30th edition of the Innovation Trophies has been unique in several respects. It was the most international selection that had been submitted so far to the Grand Jury, with 52 selected applications from 13 countries and territory (Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, Tahiti, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA), and winners coming from six countries.

The Energy Transition has largely inspired the candidates and the projects submitted. To deal with it, candidates have relied on their creativity and mobilized tools such as the big data and the Internet of things.

As further evidence of the Group's desire to open to all innovative external ecosystems, the Grand Jury welcomed for the first time three external members (coming from the Michelin Group, the Paris & Co incubator and the University of Leuven), who brought a fresh perspective on the Group’s business.

A rising participation

Learn more about the 2016 Innovation Trophies:

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List of winners

Prizes are following the actual order of the award ceremony.

1. “Success Stories” Grand Prize

Distinguishes projects that have demonstrated quality and the ability to generate value over the long term.

NIALM – France B2B

An innovative technology to boost new businesses in Energy Efficiency for buildings.

2. “Best Failed Idea” Special Prize

Recognizes good ideas despite failing to reach the market.

Silver Serenity

Using an internet connected light bulb with motion detection to offer a simple warning procedure facilitating home care for elderly and dependent persons, through to a network of relatives and proximity services.

3. “New Activities” (B2C) – Grand Prize

Distinguishes innovative activities in a startup phase.

50Five - NewCorp

50five is an intrapreneurial project aiming at creating from scratch, running and developing with very limited resources an end-to-end, stand-alone webshop.

4. “New Activities” (B2B) – Grand Prize

BluePower – France B2B

Launching a low-cost co-generation offer on the European B2B market.

5. “Employee” Grand Prize

Distinguishes a project from the “New Activities” category through a vote open to ENGIE employees.

ENGIE Hydrogen Solutions – Asia-Pacific

A new power plant design and implementation strategy, to replace large-scale (5 to 20 MW) distributed diesel-fired power generation in remote areas, by solutions based on solar PV and hydrogen energy storage. A 100% renewable energy solution.

6. “Business Development” Grand Prize

Energy Navigator - BENELUX

A smart data engine which is turning a minimum amount of data into value for all stakeholders in the commercial real estate sector.

7. “Commercial and customer relations” Grand Prize

Speech Analytics - NECST

Providing advanced functionality to improve customer relations by collecting valuable intelligence from customer calls.

8. “Frugal Innovation” Special Prize

Rewards operational innovations with few resources.

The “Valve Stop” - GRDF

A universal device to shut off water and natural gas valves.

9. « Operational, Techniques, and Technology Performance” Grand Prize

Bringing together technic and technology, this category is historically the largest of the Innovation Trophies.

Rolling Drones (Cable unwinding by drone) – France B2B

Tools and method for cable unwinding with the use of drones to replace helicopters for the construction of very high voltage power lines.

10. “Big Data” Special Prize

Retroficiency Analytics Solution – North America

Driving customer engagement through breakthrough digital & analytics solutions.

11. “Energy Transition” Special Prize

ENGIE Hydrogen Solutions – Asia-Pacific

A new power plant design and implementation strategy, to replace large-scale (5 to 20 MW) distributed diesel-fired power generation in remote areas, by solutions based on solar PV and hydrogen energy storage. A 100% renewable energy solution.

12. “Management Excellence” Grand Prize

“Do Innovation Yourself” Program - NewCorp

Breaking down the barriers to adoption of digital practices by allowing employees to prototype their own innovative ideas.

13. Collaboration” Special Prize

Great Minds - BENELUX

Successful restart of Belgian Doel 3 and Tihange 2 Nuclear Power Plants after approval of the world’s first Safety Case on hydrogen flaking in the Reactor Pressure Vessel.

14. “Social and Environmental Responsibility” Special Prize

Mini grids for mobile network operators in Africa - Africa

Providing reliable electricity to mobile network operators in Sub-Saharan Africa.

15. “Disruptive Technology” Special Prize

SKaLPFrance B2B

Development of an extra-flat antenna system for communicating via satellite on the Ka band (new very-high bandwidth satellite) that can be directly installed in the carrier (airplane, ship, train, land vehicle, etc.).

Source: Gérald Bonnard

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