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Other innovations 17/05/2017

Backlight, from virtual reality to Vivatech

After Backlight jointly won ENGIE’s call for projects for solutions to improve the customer experience at the future Heroic Land theme park, we invited them to showcase their work at ENGIE’s Energy Lab at Viva Technology in June 2017. This gave us an opportunity to ask the startup a few questions.

Hello. Can you give us a short introduction to your company?

BackLight is a content creation company: we produce animated films and special effects as well as experiences in virtual and augmented reality and interactive applications.

What’s innovative about your project?

Our philosophy is "to make virtual the new real." Since it was created in 2008, our studio has specialized in animation and infuses its artistic and narrative know-how into its virtual reality creations.

As a pioneer and leader in this field, we offer tailor-made, immersive and increasingly innovative experiences for brands: from passive experiences in 360° video to interactive applications in 3D and dynamic devices. We push the limits of immersion by experimenting with all of the media at our disposal.

What are you going to show at Vivatech?

We will be presenting our Birdy King Land experience, our very first creation in Virtual Reality. It’s the one that allowed us to position ourselves as a major player at the world-wide level in creating virtual reality experiences. Birdy King Land covers includes aspects of all of our areas of expertise:

  • strong artistic direction,
  • excellent storytelling,
  • high-quality rendering

Birdy is for all kinds of audiences and plunges the spectator into an eventful and colorful adventure in which they set off in pursuit of a bird while seated in a side car. Though it was released in 2014, Birdy has had several lives, the latest one of which will be presented at the show on the dynamic D-Box.

Tell us about your story with ENGIE.

We won the call for projects led by ENGIE about digital solutions for the planned Heroic Land amusement park. The park is “imaginary culture”-themed (Geek, manga, video games, etc.). Which of course is an endless source of inspiration for our team. So we proposed a comprehensive, innovative solution that combines mobile applications, NFC technology, virtual and augmented reality, all driven by gamification.

How do you see the future of virtual reality, and what role will you play in it?

Virtual reality is starting to be used in all different kinds of sectors: real estate, professional training, advertising, entertainment, healthcare, etc.

Backlight is focused on creating content for professionals, but we expect the next big shift in the sector to involve the general public. We believe that virtual reality will be used more and more at home. We are preparing to be able to develop content for the general public.

What do you expect to get from being at Vivatech with ENGIE?

To continue our mission evangelizing about and democratizing virtual reality for the greatest number of people.

What question would you have liked me to ask you?

If we can develop an immersive, ENGIE-specific experience that will give Vivatech visitors a unique experience of the brand...

If you had? The answer would have been yes, with great pleasure !

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