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​Bonjour Idée: 6 finalists for the GDF SUEZ Startup of the Year 2015 Prize

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6 startups in the Bonjour Idée startup competition have been preselected by GDF SUEZ and will be voted on by company employees through its internal social network for innovation, innov@gdfsuez.

The winning startup will thus be chosen to receive the GDF SUEZ Startup of the Year 2015 Prize. The winner will receive assistance from GDF SUEZ experts and contacts within Group subsidiaries.

The list of semifinalist startups


Monixo is a predictive maintenance application relying on connected objects that lets a company monitor its means of production and to be alerted by email or SMS in the event of a problem with the latter.

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Campark is a mobile application that lets the user identify parking spaces available in their vicinity. It functions based on video feeds from surveillance cameras in public places.

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Cyclez’Go installs electrically assisted bicycles for companies and municipal authorities to help their staff move from place to place, whether commuting between home and work, between worksites or on campus.

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Love Your Waste coordinates the methanization of organic waste from restaurants.

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Bress Healthcare

Bress Healthcare is a cloud-based platform that provides applications for the medical field. It allows medical staff to optimize their daily tasks while also giving patients an overall view of their medical files.

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GreenCREATIVE has invented a smart connected waste receptacle called R3D3 that recognizes bottles by type (cans, bottles and cups) and automatically sorts them. It even knows how to alert recycling companies when it is nearly full.

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Source: GDF SUEZ