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Other innovations 03/01/2019

CES 2019: Nokia and ENGIE, common values

Everyone knows (or thinks they know) Nokia! But Nokia is much more than the manufacturer of most thirtysomethings’ first mobile phones...Nokia will be at the ENGIE & Partners Lab at CES 2019 and Stéphane Haulbert, Nokia Enterprise Sales VP for Western Europe, explains why.

Tell me about innovation at Nokia.

Nokia has a group of several thousand researchers who do basic research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on. They’ve also received nine Nobel Prizes for their work. Nokia is engaged in fundamental research and applied research to provide solutions around 4G and 5G infrastructure in the areas of IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Nokia brand is well known among the general public, historically for its mobile phones, but today Nokia is a leader in 5G and telecommunications infrastructure for operators, companies and administrations. Nokia has the most comprehensive portfolio of products, services and licenses on the market.

Beyond technology, Nokia's goal is to create innovative solutions with a high standard of quality, and meeting the highest ethical standards in terms of social, integrity, as well as information  and data security. These are Nokia's core values.

What does it mean for Nokia to be at CES, at Eureka Park, with ENGIE?

We want to show the complementarity of our solutions with those of ENGIE. Our two companies share common values, including their commitment to a process of continuous innovation. But these values also include respect for the environment, respect for goods and people, and the desire to offer the most sustainable solutions possible.

Nokia recently created a business division to address the needs of connected cities and territories and industry 4.0. In these areas, our competences are complementary to ENGIE’s, Nokia provides expertise in end-to-end connectivity and ENGIE its expertise in local areas and industry.

You will present the Solar Connected Bike and the WPON solution. Why did you choose these two projects?

The Solar Connected Bike is a prototype developed by employees with the support of Nokia Garage. This is a real innovation that makes sense at Eureka Park. It is a green product, which meets the needs of co-mobility, connected urban transport, and which highlights the well-being of the individual by using electrical assistance and data collection to enable him to optimize your travels.

WPON responds to the problem of access to very high speed broadband. Fiber and 4G are not deployed everywhere. WPON responds to this need for broadband provision to areas that are deprived of it. This project will help to limit the digital divide between urban and rural areas. The advantage of this technology is that it can be complementary to fiber and can be quickly implemented.

What would be your magic encounter at CES?

The magic meeting would be between partners who share our values - "Tech for Good" - and who want to set up solutions for changing the world by pushing for economic stability, poverty reduction, health, sustainable development.

How do you imagine connectivity in 2030?

In 2030 we envision seamless connectivity with wireless access across all geographical areas allowing users and businesses to implement all available digital technologies, wherever they are. This would have a major impact on our lifestyles, including energy management and transportation. A world where we would never ask ourselves the question "Am I in the right place to do what I have to do?"

Source: Christine Leroy

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