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Other innovations 02/05/2018

Civitime: a fun, collaborative serious game about corporate CSR policy

Civitime is an educational game for organizations that want to get their internal stakeholders involved in CSR policy.After they won a call for projects that ENGIE Cofely launched in the city of Tours, Civitime will participate in Viva Technology as part of the ENGIE Lab from from May 24th to 26th. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Anthony Mollé (the founder) introduced us to the game, which aims to change people’s habits and make them behave more responsibly.

Civitime is a serious game, an educational game that lets any organization (company, university, etc.) with a sustainable development policies get its internal stakeholders involved in CSR policies, especially employees.

The content and visual aspects of the game can be customized to fit the needs of to the organization that will be playing it up. It can be accessed from a smartphone (via an application) or from a workstation.


How does it work?

We deliver Civitime to our clients as a 4-week campaign where players have to form teams. The teams choose a project from a range of suggested associative projects that the company sponsors and they create virtual companies.

Players have 4 weeks to make their virtual business as responsible and virtuous as possible, and to do so they have to do things in real life that earn them points in the game.


We offer three seasons that correspond to the three main branches of corporate social responsibility.

The first season is about the environment, the second is about social issues and the third is about the economy and consumption.

CiviTime combine real and virtual aspects to make the player's experience as rich as possible.

There are three types of activities that you can do in each season to earn points.

“Good citizen” activities can be things like environmental responsibility, volunteering your time at an association, and more. With each activity, the game gives you information about their impact within the context of the company's policy. The player who chooses to do something environmentally responsible gets a notification after 3 days asking them if they’ve done it and earns points for their team.

• The second type of activity is an Eco-quizz, where players challenge a player on an opposing team. Both players have to answer five questions about their company’s CSR policy and the one with the most correct answers wins.

• A third type of activity combines the playful and educational aspects. It’s called Eco-reflex. It’s a game in which fruits and vegetables fall from the sky and the player has to select the ones that are seasonal.

Customers can choose one or more seasons, often depending on the time of the year: many choose the environmental season during their Sustainable Development Week, the social season during Disability Week and the economics/consumption season during Fair Trade Week, for example.

The innovative aspect of our solution is mainly social. We are at the crossroads of gaming and sustainable development, and our game is a new response to companies’ desire to get their employees involved in such policies. Companies often spend a lot of energy communicating about their CSR policy externally but less so internally, and our solution covers this need.


Do you have a slogan or phrase that expresses what you do?

CSR commitments are the goal, the game is a means and collaboration is the condition.

What do you expect to get from participating in Vivatech?

Our serious game is operational now, and we’re launching our first big campaigns during Sustainable Development Week (May 30th – June 5th).

Now the challenge for us is to get the word our about our company, especially within ENGIE. We are friendly with ENGIE Cofely, who I used to work for, but beyond that I think that our solution can have a real added value for many of ENGIE’s business lines and that it can be integrated particularly well into proposals for communities and companies .

I hope that Vivatech will be the opportunity to start a partnership or a commercial relationship with ENGIE.

For you the future will be ...?

The future will be more responsible!

Our behavior has to change and the first step for is for everyone to realize the impact of their actions on the external environment at the local level. The second phase will consist of implementing more responsible practices at the community level, for people and for the environment. 

Read more about Civitime

Source: christine leroy

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