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Other innovations 19/01/2016

​Decarbonathon: Vote for your favorite project through January 24

There were four winners at the Decarbonathon held on January 14th and 15th 2016 in Paris: Mobiliteam, TEBS, Bynd and Mutum! A fifth team will be awarded the people’s choice award, which is open for voting until January 24 on the Decarbonathon website.

The winning teams:

Mobiliteam: the Franco-Brazilian group making up Mobiliteam wants to reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles by improving the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems.

TEBS: The TEBS team uses wind turbine technology for modules that can be installed on roads to produce energy from the vehicles speeding past.

BYND: A mobile application to share commutes that combines public and private transport.

Mutum: A fun, collaborative platform for sharing objects and tools used only occasionally in order to avoid overconsumption.

The teams that are up for the people’s choice award are:

Grawiex / DriveEco
: A fun way to choose the best itinerary and best drive between point A and point B.

Raiders: collective optimization of the last leg of a journey, as in when you arrive at the airport, railway station, etc.

Blast from the past: repurposing an old technology to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions in innovative ways.

Ecopains: A fun app to promote energy efficiency in the city and reduce consumer electricity bills via a group competition.

Kipus A+
: A digital tool designed to replace costly energy audits and allow individuals to take advantage of new solutions available for energy savings and carbon emissions reduction.

SmartWater: Considerable improvement in individual water recycling habits to avoid using plastic water bottles.

Biofuel Bamboo / Bamboo World: Using the special properties of bamboo to promote the circular economy and the production of biofuels.

Swayamhu Innovation: Untreated waste from urban and rural areas is converted in decentralized biogas plants to provide energy to off-grid areas.

One Way: A fun application that uses walking and photovoltaic cells in public areas to create energy.

All these projects are presented in video format or as PowerPoint presentations for the public to consult before picking their favorite.

Pick your own favorite and vote!

Source: Dacarbonathon

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