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Other innovations 04/05/2018

Domii simplifies connected housing

Share information and communicate easily with your home from wherever you are: this is the goal of Domii, a Toulouse-based startup that wants to make home automation available to everyone.Domii will be at the ENGIE Lab at Viva Technology on Saturday May 26th. Fanny Meykuchel, Domii’s Marketing Manager, and Damien Constans, Product Manager, introduced us to their company.

Domii's goal is to provide a simple and accessible solution for managing the connected home both today and in the tomorrow. Domii was designed to minimize the daily inconveniences related to the home, for example leaving home while forgetting to turn off the light.

Domii’s solution consists of a box with a screen and a messaging system that manages lighting, shutters, security, heating, and energy consumption, all thanks to an easy-to-use application.

Over time, when they need to, users can progressively add on peripheral modules for different functions. For example, infrared presence detectors and door contacts can be added to the house or apartment for security purposes. As can modules to control lighting or rolling wheels fit behind switches or controls.

The Domii box can also manage heating, whether electric or fluid-based, and gives users a way to oversee how much energy the house is consuming, which we display in euros so it’s easier to understand. We record consumption per appliance or system - heating, cooling, hot water, electrical outlet and other uses - which allows to determine exactly how the energy consumed is distributed, in line with RT2012 standards.