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Other innovations 30/11/2015

​ENGIE at CES 2016

The 48th edition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will be held in January 2016! The technological innovation showcase, originally targeting the general public, has over the years become the most important meeting place for open innovation.

ENGIE made an initial appearance at the CES in 2015 led by the DRT, the DSI and the Digital Department. For the first time ever, ENGIE will be exhibiting at CES in 2016 with a space that will showcase the Group’s expertise and that of three partner startups who will also make the trip.

Stéphane Quéré, Innovation Director at ENGIE, answered our questions.

Why take part in the CES in 2016?

The CES has become the world’s largest exhibition for technological innovation, bringing together an increasing number of exhibitors, startups and innovative companies every year.

This event is an opportunity for ENGIE to demonstrate our maturity in the field of innovation while also supporting and giving greater exposure to some of the startups we have partnered with.

How is ENGIE going to be involved in the CES?

Symbolically, ENGIE will be located in the space for startups and French Tech!

We will share space with three of the seven startups that the ENGIE New Ventures investment fund has acquired stakes in, two of which are US companies, AMS and Tendril, as well as SigFox from Toulouse.

Engie will also present some of the Group’s innovations and partnerships such as Dionysus, which uses 3D modeling to optimize hydrocarbon exploration campaigns; Diya One, the robot that purifies indoor air and which was developed by the startup Partnering Robotics with Cofely; and the Powerzee application designed by the DRT.

A number of other innovations from the Group and our partners will be on display, in particular some projects developed by ENGIE North America, including Ecova.

Who from ENGIE will be participating?

The delegation will include representatives of the Innovation Department, the Research and Technology Department (DRT), and the Digital Department. Cofely Services will also be along for the ride, as well ENGIE representatives from Silicon Valley, including the ENGIE New Ventures investment fund.

Why is it important for ENGIE to participate in the CES?

Among the main benefits we expect from being involved in the CES include:
- Support for our partners, giving them an important opportunity to be more visible
- Promoting ENGIE’s expertise in the field of innovation
- Staying on the cutting edge of the latest news, trends and innovations
- A chance to get involved in new partnerships

The CES will be held from January 6th to 9th, 2016. To get daily updates from the ENGIE delegation, remember to follow us on social media and to subscribe to our newsletter. Stay in touch!

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