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ENGIE Innovation Festival - BEST OF!
Other innovations 07/10/2020

ENGIE Innovation Festival - BEST OF!

Find the highlights of the ENGIE Innovation Festival 2020 and browse the VIDEO REPLAY of the talks, round tables and masterclass. 

A 100% digital event with more than 26,000 online visitors over 4 days in more than 80 countries!

From September 22nd to 25th, the ENGIE Innovation Festival offered 29 live sessions with 72 speakers and a marketplace on Green Gases, Renewable Energies, Energy Storage, Connectivity, Hydrogen, Data, Entrepreneurship, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, New Technologies, Low Carbon Solutions, Green Mobility... find the highlights and all the replays! 


  •  Opening of the ENGIE Innovation Festival, by Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Executive Vice President of ENGIE

  • Innovation Strategy & Coordination - orchestrating ressources efficiently – Mathieu BESSON & Laura MEGRELIS  > REPLAY

  • How does ENGIE New Ventures collaborate with Business Units to foster business through innovation? – Johann BOUKHORS  > REPLAY

  • Why should ENGIE care about New Business? – Ramani HARIHARAN > REPLAY

  • ENGIE innovation platform: How to improve user experience and foster collaboration with startups and ENGIE innovators? – Laurent BERTHIER & Elena IVANKINA > REPLAY

  • What about the next big battery breakthrough? Talking about redox flow, LiS, advanced Li-ion,... – Dominique CORBISIER & Hannes LAGET > REPLAY

  •  Inauguration of the CRIGEN ENGIE Lab, the new ENGIE Group R&D Center - REPLAY VIDEO

  • Energy storage: market and technology outlook – Giuseppe ARTIZZU & Giorgio CRUGNOLA > REPLAY

  • The 2020 Innovation Trophies Ceremony - REPLAY


    DAY 2 

  • How ENGIE is using digital twins and urban hypervisors to optimize urban mobility in the UK? - Christophe PAPIN & Eamon DRUMM LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  • Skycooling - Zero-carbon cooling sending heat to space – Mathieu BESSON & Louis GORINTIN  LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  •  Decarbonization of the industy - how are the stakeholders preparing for it? The role of the industry and the need for an ecological transition in the context of the current national and european economic recovery plans.  LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  • Local Energy Communities : Ongoing disruption – Marie GERARD  LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  •  Why and how ENGIE can help the maritime industry and ports towards decarbonization and zero emissions? – Franck LE BARON LINK > > REPLAY VIDEO

  • DERMS : Providing decentralized flexibility to accomodate intermittent renewables into power systems – Andrés GALNARES LINK >>  REPLAY VIDEO

  • New objectives and new ambitions of Rassembleurs d'Energies, ENGIE's Corporate Impact Investment Fund – Anne CHASSAGNETTE LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  •  ENGIE 2025 Renewables Technology Outlook – Bart BOESMANS, Jaideep SANDHU & Rob VERSTEIRT LINK > > REPLAY


  • Digital twin business case for real : value creation with data management and valorization on Marseille territory | Session 18 LINK > VIDEO REPLAY

  •  Leveraging entrepreneurship by building corporate ventures | LINK


  • Why the carbon neutral energy transition will imply the use of lots of carbon ? | Session 20 LINK

  • ENGIE x Solar Impulse Foundation: a partnership to support the transition towards carbon neutrality | Session 21 LINK > VIDEO REPLAY 

  • A concrete case of using digital to delight the new energy residential consumer with 50Five & eCare intelligent services | Session 22 LINK > VIDEO REPLAY

  • The Resilience Challenge For ENGIE | Session 23 LINK > REPLAY VIDEO 

  •  HYFLEXPOWER: The world’s first integrated "power-to-h2-to-power" hydrogen gas turbine demonstrator | Session 24 LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  •  Intrapreneurship4good, 4 pitches to learn more about societal innovation | Session 25 LINK > REPLAY VIDEO


  • Harnessing the power of human intelligence & Ai to enhance Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency: powered by Vyn SmartVideoNotesd - Kapil SINGHAL LINK > REPLAY VIDEO 

  • The impact of IoT on the energy landscape for today and tomorrow – Henri BONG, Helene LAGOUTTE, Erik GROEN & Patrick BOULLIER  LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  • Reflect on the public and smart recharging of electric vehicles in tomorrow's cities. Amélie Trégouët & Peter VALENT LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

  • ENGIE People Lab: regenerative economy and frugal innovation, by Navi RadjouNavi RADJOU & Antoine BRACHET  LINK > REPLAY VIDEO 

Log to the ENGIE INNOVATION FESTIVAL platform (CODE : ENGIEInnovationFestival) from the nominative link assigned to you in the email after your registration (WARNING: Check your spams box).

You can also download the ENGIE Innovation Festival application on your mobile and follow the event in the same way as on your computer.

Apple store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1531948274

Play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swapcard.apps.android.engieinnovationfestival

(CODE : ENGIEInnovationFestival)

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