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Other innovations 25/09/2020

ENGIE Innovation Festival - Day 3 REPLAY - September 24

On thursday, September 24th, we still talked a lot about decarbonation, explored disruptive technologies, smart cities and ever smarter homes. And we also had a few insights into intrapreneurship, thanks to a session hosted by Intrapreneur for Good.

Thursday 24 September 2020

10:00 AM at 11:00 AM | Digital twin business case for real : value creation with data management and valorization on Marseille territory | Session 18 LINK > VIDEO REPLAY

11:00 AM at 11:30 AM | Leveraging entrepreneurship by building corporate ventures | Session 19 LINK

11:30 AM at 12:30 PM | Why the carbon neutral energy transition will imply the use of lots of carbon ? | Session 20 LINK

01:30 PM at 02:00 PM | ENGIE x Solar Impulse Foundation: a partnership to support the transition towards carbon neutrality | Session 21 LINK > VIDEO REPLAY 

02:00 PM at 02:30 PM | A concrete case of using digital to delight the new energy residential consumer with 50Five & eCare intelligent services | Session 22 LINK > VIDEO REPLAY

02:30 PM at 03:30 PM | The Resilience Challenge For ENGIE | Session 23 LINK > REPLAY VIDEO 

03:30 PM at 04:00 PM | HYFLEXPOWER: The world’s first integrated "power-to-h2-to-power" hydrogen gas turbine demonstrator | Session 24 LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

04:00 PM at 04:30 PM | Intrapreneurship4good, 4 pitches to learn more about societal innovation | Session 25 LINK > REPLAY VIDEO

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