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​ENGIE: surprising people at Viva Technology from June 30th to July 2nd

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Viva Technology, which will take place from June 30th to July 2nd, intends to serve as bridge between large companies and startups.

There was no way ENGIE wasn’t going to sponsor an event featuring open innovation and startups that collaborate with large companies. Stéphane Quéré, ENGIE’s Innovation Director, gave us a sneak peak about ENGIE’s involvement in Viva Technology.

Hello Stéphane. First, can you tell us how ENGIE will participate in Viva Technology?

ENGIE will be one of 20 Viva Technology Partners and will host a 500 m2 "Lab" focused on energy and the environment. The goal of the Lab is to highlight how the Group cooperates with startups and innovators, so 90% of the space in it will be set aside for them.

And 50 of them will be coming to show their work at the Lab! Some of them are "old" friends who the Group is already working with. Inviting them to Viva Technology is a way to give them more visibility and help them share their expertise and get recognition for it.

One of them will be Qarnot Computing, the winner of the OpenInov by ENGIE Prize at the Bonjour Idée 2016 startup competition.

Some of startups at the ENGIE Lab will be chosen from among those who responded to the four challenges set out by ENGIE. Recruitment is underway on the platform created for this purpose by Viva Technology to drum up:

- New business models for energy consumption management
- Smart energy: city and mobility systems
- Optimising comfort and energy consumption at home
- Enabling distributed energy generation

What’s going to happen during the 3 days at the Lab?

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the Group’s innovations from around the world, especially those that relate to new modes of energy consumption and energy management for buildings, which will also boost the visibility of startups that are being invited to the Lab.

We can’t reveal the details of the agenda, but I can tell you the event will be filled with happenings and new discoveries! Of course, the marketplace and pitch sessions will be there, too, and there will be meetings with our partners, but telling you too much would spoil the surprise!

ENGIE surprised you at the CES, and we’ll surprise you at Viva Technology!

Thank you, Stéphane, and see you from June 30th to July 2nd to discover the Lab, the Group's innovations and our startup guests.

Source: Christine Leroy

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