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Other innovations 17/04/2018

InformedActions: Enhancing the Power of Data

Informed Actions General Manager, Marcus Dixon, provided some insights on the company and the services it offers in the field of Prescriptive Data Analytics – the analysis of data to ensure that actions are based on fully-informed decisions.Informed Actions will be with ENGIE at Viva Technology on May 24-26.

Q: Hello Marcus. Can you briefly present the company?

InformedActions is an 18-month-old startup based in London. We derived from a company that produced mobile apps for field services, where we realised that many companies collect masses of data and fail to exploit it. Our Machine Learning Platform combines not only historical and real time data, but also data from third party sources, to ensure people make effective decisions and take efficient actions, thus avoiding mistakes and reducing costs - by an average of 18%. An example might be social housing: if we know the maintenance job history (job type, location, duration etc.) and we know the resource constraints (start/end location, skills, job role etc.) then we can predict what events are likely to occur and optimally allocate resources.

Q: Why are you participating in Vivatech with ENGIE, and how do you hope to benefit?

We have been working with ENGIE for about six months now, developing Touchpoint along with other data analytics projects, and we look forward to showing off its success!


Q: So what will you be presenting at Vivatech?

Touchpoint, and of course our proprietary Machine Learning Platform.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about Touchpoint?

Touchpoint works in healthcare. IoT technology makes it possible to monitor the needs of dependent persons in real time: their frequency of movement and use of facilities, whether they have left their bed today, or used the kitchen, or whatever. This allows carers to keep a step ahead, and people to stay at home longer or leave hospital sooner.

Q: And in what way is the Machine Learning Platform particularly innovative?

It uses new, advanced, spatio-temporal algorithms customised according to customer constraints.


Q: For you, the future means...?

...enabling both public and private customers to use their data to provide a better, faster customer service at reduced cost.


Q: And a phrase about innovation?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing: turn your data into insights and insights into actions!

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