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Other innovations 20/12/2016

Itjaibreak: when perseverance, hard work and passion lead you to the CES

Quentin, best known on YouTube as itjailbreak, won the "Battle" hosted by ENGIE Innovation and will be joining us at the 2017 CES in January.Quick interview with a technology enthusiast.

Hello Quentin, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your career as a young youtuber?

My name is Quentin Cougniot, I’m 19 years old and I am currently in my 3rd year of WebDesign at the European School of Internet Professions (EEMI).

I started shooting videos a little over 4 years ago now because I love new technology. At first it was mostly a hobby, a desire to share, but then over time more people started getting interested in my videos and the news spread.

And that's how my YouTube channel now has over 55,000 subscribers and more than 500 videos that I’ve made!
It’s a field I’m passionate about and I love making videos to share on YouTube.

3 words that define innovation for you?

  • Future: innovation is something that will impact us, maybe not right away, but certainly within a few years.
  • Impact: innovation has to be major in order to reach everyone. The challenge of innovation is about getting to all users, not just enthusiasts.
  • Technology: today’s innovations must be technological. We are surrounded by technology, everything is transmitted through it and it gives everyone access to innovation.

What do you expect to get from being at the CES?

At the CES, I hope to learn about the innovations that will reach the general public six months from now. Getting a sneak preview will help me form an initial opinion of the products on display.

There is a lot to do, a lot to see and I think it will be really interesting!

What question should I ask you now?

"How does a 19-year-old end up meeting ENGIE and joining them at the CES to learn about the latest innovations?"

And your answer?

Perseverance, a lot of hard work and above all, sharing a passion!

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