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Other innovations 25/07/2017

Le Génie des Travaux, the emergency repair pros

ENGIE is putting itself in the shoes of all the people who need a serious home repair professional by investing in an innovative startup: Le Génie des Travaux! If you've ever been locked out of your house or found yourself with a major leak and had trouble trying to decide what home repair services provider to trust, you'll love the new service developed by Le Génie des Travaux, a startup supported by ENGIE and MyBestPro. Mathieu Boittin, the head of Le Génie des Travaux, talked to us about how this innovative platform could change the lives of the people of Paris.

Q- Hello Mathieu, can you give us a short introduction to Le Génie des Travaux?

Le Génie des Travaux is a digital platform that connects individuals users with trusted home repair professionals.
The platform is special because it guarantees three things:

  • If the customer isn’t satisfied, the work gets redone.
  • Only trusted professionals are available on the platform.
  • The price for every service is set in advance.

Q- How does Le Genie des Travaux differentiate itself from other similar platforms?

Le Génie des Travaux only works with high-quality professionals. That’s why we can promise “customer satisfaction or you get the work redone”, which is of real value to our customers: if the work isn’t up to your standards, the repair person comes back to finish the job.
The other highly differentiating element is our intuitive approach: we speak our customers’ language, and we avoid asking overly technical questions so that we don’t lose them before we send someone over.

Q- What’s innovative about Le Génie des Travaux?

The service is innovative because it breaks with the way in which people typically get repair work done in terms of accessibility, simplicity and guarantees.

Currently, the client who types "plumber Paris" in their search engine gets over 1000 results! It’s difficult to make an informed choice and know who is serious and qualified.

Le Génie simplifies this situation, since it pre-selects professionals that we can confidently recommend. Knowing prices in advance and guaranteeing the work to be done are assets that give our customers even more peace of mind.

On the other hand, the platform itself also works in an innovative way. We’ve focused on making it highly accessible so that the experience is as fluid as possible: no need to download an app, the navigation is very intuitive (even on your phone) and there’s no need to create an account.
We also use a chatbot that asks a few ultra-simple and non-technical questions to assess what you need in less than a minute and offer a provider that matches it. And of course we also have customer service reps who can take over and help at any time.

We use multiple access points to provide a really powerful service: SMS, Facebook Messenger, mobile sites, desktop sites... We are also available by email and phone from 9 am to 11.30 pm, including on weekends and holidays.

This allows us to be highly attentive to our customers and to deliver services that we will constantly be making more efficient.

Q – What’s the future of Le Génie des Travaux?

The platform was launched in early April, and we immediately realized that it meets a real need.
Our clients are encouraging us to think about the future. They’ve given us very positive evaluations on the first projects.

We now have a range of standard services that will grow based on the needs demonstrated by our customers and the market. For specific issues that aren’t listed on the platform, we can always come up with a special quote using our network of professionals.
We are very keen to improve user experience, both on the platform and during the repair work itself.

Q- How do you keep your customers loyal?

Quality of service is our calling card! The platform guarantees our customers’ satisfaction. Using Le Génie gives them peace of mind. Our customer service team’s motto is "Le Génie always finds the solution"!


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