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​OpenInnov by GDF SUEZ launches the world’s first Drone Hackathon!

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From April 24-26, GDF SUEZ will host “Hack the Drone”, the first drone hackathon, which will take place the Ecole 42 in Paris.

4 missions, 3 special prizes and €30,000 in prize money will encourage developers, startups and engineers to create and implement the best solutions to the challenges at hand.

The Drone Metering Mission: Taking metric measurements from afar with a drone and its operator.

The Drone Testing Mission: Analyzing corroded areas or deformed zones in plumbing and pipework with a drone and operator.

The Drone Neutralization Mission: Neutralizing a drone without endangering or harming people or objects in its vicinity when intercepted.

The AntiCollision Drone Mission: Creating a lightweight, inexpensive anti-collision system for drones.

SDK Parrot drones will be provided for testing, as well as plumbing/piping (for testing corrosion and deformation).

Prior to the Hackathon, a workshop will take place on April 16th starting at 6 p.m. at the Ecole IO in Paris.

Source: To learn more and sign up, visit the event website:

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