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Other innovations 23/11/2017

Tanker at CES 2018: turnkey cybersecurity solutions for cloud services developers

Tanker’s founders want to give everyone access to cybersecurity with their solution for software developers. Tanker will be at CES from January 8th to 12th at the ENGIE & Partners booth.Guillaume Pontallier, one of the startup’s co-founders, of the startup answers our questions.

Hello Guillaume. We hear a lot about cybersecurity and encryption. What does Tanker offer in this area?

Tanker provides app developers with a turnkey, certified brick that inspires confidence and offers the security that is often missing in their solution.
Our "Encryption and Key Management as a Service" platform enables SaaS software developers to guarantee ownership, security and integrity of users’ data.
We have backing from the investment funds IDInvest, Axa Strategic Ventures and Kima.
How is your product innovative?

We provide developers with an encryption and key management API in the form of Software Development Kit (SDK) so that they integrate end-to-end encryption into their applications with just a few lines of code, even if they don’t have any previous experience in security. And this is for mobile, desktop and browser.

It took Whatsapp 2 years to integrate the Signal protocol into its messaging app. Tanker is innovative because it is easy to implement and has many uses.
The revolutionary way that we manage encryption keys ensures users’ exclusive data ownership, letting them "privatize" their cloud services while retaining the major infrastructure and performance benefits of the cloud.

What do you expect to get from participating in CES with ENGIE? 

We are looking forward to meeting software developers and connected object makers who manage sensitive data so we can help them:

  • make their apps secure at the highest levels and create Premium offerings
  • while keeping their UX intact (native encryption)

What is the most significant innovation for you?

The compass, in the 11th  century: it made exploration and discovery possible and brought people together!

Finally, give us the answer to the question you would have liked me to ask you. 
We dream of making Tanker the new standard for cloud security.


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