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Other innovations 11/02/2016

The 2016 Bonjour Idée Startup Prize is about to kick off

The Startup of the Year 2015 competition held by Bonjour Idée involved over 1,100 startups, one million views, two rounds of voting, the general public as well as professionals in the field and a finale held at ENGIE headquarters, where the overall winner and winners of special prizes were chosen.

With this excellent experience under their belts, Bonjour Idée — the collaborative magazine for startups founded in 2011 by Kossi Adzo — is setting up a second and even more ambitious edition of the competition for 2016. Among other things, it will include a special prize for Africa to highlight international innovations and especially those from the continent.

ENGIE is once again a partner of this event alongside Qwant, SNCF Development and other media and institutional partners.

Want to enter the Bonjour Idées competition?
You’re a startup and you want to get an extra blast of visibility, show your work in the demo-zone and maybe even win one of the multiple prizes? The first step is to register using this form prior to March 27th.

Registering gives you access to two separate competitions:
- The people’s choice award, which will result in a list of 100 favorite startups. The list will then be shared widely among Bonjour Idée’ partners including major corporations, institutions and the media.
- The "Startup of the Year 2016" competition, where the winner will be chosen (based on an application) by a committee of experts and big names in the field

The competition’s partners will also give out a number of special prizes: Qwant will award one for best student initiative, the SNCF Développement for the sharing economy, France24 will award the Africa Prize and ENGIE will select the winner of its Open Innovation Prize.

The awards ceremony will take place on April 14th at ENGIE headquarters. Twenty startups will be on site to present their projects in the demo-zone and perhaps even win a prize.

Source: Bonjour Idées

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