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​The survival kit for startups and young entrepreneurs

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Presented as the ideal survival kit for preparing oneself for adventures in entrepreneurship, the second edition of the Backpack guide is being published by Maddyness and La Petite Etoile. Of course, ENGIE is also a partner in this project.

With its fun, attractive format, Backpack includes the 10 commandments for how to start your adventure in entrepreneurship:

-You will use tools

-You will leave a document trail

-You will network

-You will surprise

-You will host

-You will perfect things

-You will win

-You will finance yourself

-You will hire

-You will rest

With 176 pages of advice, a hundred essential tools and more than a hundred useful contacts, the guide aims to gather, in one place, the most useful information for startups and entrepreneurs.

The BackPack guide costs 18€. It will be published on September 15th, but you can preorder a copy for early delivery.

Preorder the BackPack guide

Source: Christine Leroy

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