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Other innovations 17/12/2018

CES 2019 - Tuten: Home services in a single click

Roi Amszynowski is Co-founder and CEO of Tuten, a Chilean startup developing and commercialising digital optimisation solutions (e-commerce and Software as a Service) for the Home Services marketplace. The company will be with ENGIE at CES 2019.

Q: - Hello Roi. Can you briefly present Tuten for us?

I launched Tuten in 2015, while I was still studying at MIT's innovation center (Massachussetts Institute of Technology). The company now has offices in Chile, Mexico and the US, and is planning to expand into the rest of Latin America during 2019.

Our mission is to help large corporations increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction by digitizing their field service processes. An example: you call your insurance company because there has been an incident in your home and you need a tradesman – plumber, electrician, or whatever. If your insurer works with Tuten, you will be immediately asked exactly what is necessary and when you are available, and the work order will be offered to a selection of tradesmen in your area. The Tuten software then chooses, among those who are available, the tradesman who best meets your requirements; he does the job, and you then supply feedback which influences the 'Net Promotion Score' of the tradesman in question, ensuring that work goes to the tradesmen who give the best service. And this process can be repeated for hundreds of claims a day!

Of course, we customise or develop the software according to our clients' specific needs, install it, check that it functions correctly, and ensure the client is familiar with its operation. It means greater simplicity and transparency for all concerned.

Q: - And what is your story with ENGIE?

We met ENGIE in Chile in July 2016. ENGIE Factory was looking for a startup that could streamline field service processes, and ENGIE and Tuten established a double partnership. First of all, ENGIE committed more than five million US dollars to the funding of product development and commercialisation in Latin America. Secondly, Tuten has become ENGIE's strategic partner in LatAm; its digital center for excellence, leading the digital transformation of the company on most service-related matters. And among a number of assistance programmes for service companies in the ENGIE Mexico schedule, Tuten is currently working on digitizing the sale of gas installations.

Q: - What does it mean for you to participate in CES?

This is a great opportunity to show the entire world what we have been doing during the last few years. We also look forward to learning from other great startups that are changing the world.

Q: - What will you showcase at CES and why?

There will be three tablets on show to the public, displaying the three aspects of our technological platform: one showing how a user requests a service online, the second the process by which the workorder is assigned to a service provider, and the third the monitoring tools that allow control centers to ensure that customer expectations are met without a hitch.

Q: - What would be the "magic encounter" for you at CES?

Essentially, we would like to meet prospective clients with a wide range of service processes that can be improved by digitization!

Q. - How do you imagine the smart world in 2030?

I think that customers will no longer need to ask when something needs doing. Service providers will automatically know what is necessary and proactively put a solution in motion. A combination of data analytics, machine learning and digital services will take care of everything.

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