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Smart buildings 21/07/2015

Call for projects on buildings' rehabilitation: ATLANTECH®, future low-carbon center

ATLANTECH®, the low-carbon urban district, located in the close suburb of the city of La Rochelle (France) will benefit from a Call for Digital and Building Project launched by the Conurbation Community of La Rochelle and ENGIE, in partnership with La Rochelle University, ending on September 25, 2015.

Imagined within the frame of the Innovation Week organized by ENGIE, this Call for Digital and Building Project is an opportunity to test new products and methods to meet the challenges of the building of tomorrow, such as better energy performance or lower design and construction costs.

“La Rochelle’s Conurbation Community wishes to take an integrated innovation approach, throughATLANTECH® Park - a symbol of innovation in sustainable building - but also through TIPEE the experimentation and training platform. This call for projects enriches our initiative and allows us to discover and accompany innovative projects on building issues”, saysJean-Luc ALGAY, Vice-President in charge of Economic Development for the Conurbation Community.

“Life-size experimentation is a great testing opportunity”, explains Bruno Odin, VP in charge of France’s Western Region within ENGIE. What is at stake is the modelling of the design but also the use of buildings, the quality of indoor atmosphere through air-flow, ventilation, temperature, hygrometry, acoustic or lighting measurements… “We look forward to many installation monitoring solutions and hope to discover new connected objects related to home comfort”.

The selected project will benefit from the support of ENGIE’s subsidiaries and experts, in order to boost its development and realization. The winner will be awarded 2,000 euros, free support in one of La Rochelle’s Conurbation Community business incubators during 6 months, help to perform tests and the possibility to pitch their project to ad hoc structures, experts and business angels.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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