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Smart buildings 01/02/2015

Deepki: mapping potential energy savings’ sources

Deepki was given a platform at the 2015 French National Energy Conference! On January 27, in the city of Bordeaux, Vincent Bryant co-­‐founder of the French start-­‐up Deepki, specialized in data analysis serving energy efficiency, was a guest at the round-­‐table dedicated to innovation and energy transition.

“Deepki is the third project incubated by GDF SUEZ’ New Business!” proudly said Vincent Bryant. In 2014, after 8 years within GDF SUEZ Energie Services, this former Group’s employee decided, together with his business partner Emmanuel Branchet, a statistic professional in the building industry, to work full time on the development of Deepki. Housed within the Agoranov business incubator in Paris, the company today counts with 3 energy efficiency engineers, 3 data scientists, 2 IT engineers and 1 digital marketer.

Using a software engine, with built-­‐in Data-­‐Analytics algorithms and predictive models, Deepki allows its customers to map potential energy savings sources within their building stocks. What is Deepki’s added value? They turn their customers’ existing data into energy efficiency action plans that, among other features, comply with the regulatory energy audit obligation. With an aim at targeting remotely, more quickly and on many different buildings at a time, the most relevant energy savings, Deepki brings an additional key element to the decision aid process: rather than comparing buildings to an average, as it is usually the case, they use hundreds of variables using statistical segmentation.

“Imagine we’re, let’s say in the United States, at the time of the petroleum rush during the 18th century! It would be as if we were helping oil prospectors know where the best oil fields are before they even start digging, thanks to a geological analysis of the soil”, explains Vincent Bryant. A chain of stores, warehouses, an office building stock, collective housing buildings...thanks to their dynamic mapping of energy savings’ sources built by their Engine on the basis of real test-­‐cases, Deepky helps companies target the most profitable projects. This, today unique, expertise in France was a core motivation for GDF SUEZ to enter into this partnership.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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